Tuns Apocalypse Rising official thumbnail


Tuns Apocalypse Rising 2 beta thumbnail

Tuns Apocalypse Rising 2 is a sequel of Tuns Apocalypse Rising 1, taking place in Canada.


Tuns Apocalypse Rising 2 features new items being added to the first game. being a test game and a sequel.


  • It is the first game to have a female in the thumbnail.
  • This game features Kestrel's clothing, a famous clothes making group.
  • This game has multiple refrences to Grand Theft Auto V, Anime, After The Flash and Driving Simulator.
  • It is the first game to feature military grade vehicles.
  • No Trinity Corp uniforms have been added yet.
  • If the official thumbnail is closely observed, a purple light can be seen in the brown building
  • If the beta thumbnail is closely observed, a grenade is seen on the character's pocket/holster.
  • The time of the beta thumbnail was added, the weapon in the thumbnail was not present.